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        Germany Smoggo With the responsibility of "purifying air and controlling fog and haze", taking fresh air and air purifier as product carriers, integrating domestic and foreign science and technology with advanced equipment, we produce and sell household and commercial fresh air and air purifying equipment with high standards. Our products are: vertical fresh air blower, suspended ceiling fresh air blower, indoor air purifier, wall-mounted new air purifier. Wind and so on.

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With the development of science and technology, many families are becoming more and more intelligent. Lights, door locks, indoor temperature, water heaters and so on have been controlled remotely. "Smart home" provides you with the remote mode to prepar......
Nowadays more and more people are living in new houses, but these houses which you have saved for most of your life and even have to pay back the loan for several decades, you must spend some time on decoration, so that you can live healthily and safely f......
In the past, the bottleneck of popularizing the new wind system was "installation". In addition to the new hardcover housing, the existing housing to install fresh air system also need to face the "borehole drilling" and "laying pipes" of the "destructi......